Christopher Thomas Lynch, known by the false names Pasha Nicole or Pasha Romanova, Tasha Lynch and Pasha Romanovich, (born 1990) is a convicted pimp from Douglas County, Georgia. His Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) ID number is 1000768589.

Pasha Nicole was arrested and charged in March 2011. Pasha Nicole pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, one count of pimping a victim under the age of 18 and one count of pandering by compulsion and was sentenced to 14 years in prison on March 7, 2012.[1]

Steven Lemery, known as Steven Lang when he danced at B.J. Rooster's on Cheshire Bridge Road, was Pasha Nicole's sugar daddy and they lived together in Douglasville, Georgia with Lemery's wife, their children, and Lemery's wife's boyfriend.[2]

Pasha Nicole was known in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area's gay community and was a drag queen. Since being incarcerated, he has sued Valdosta State Prison doctors Sharon Lewis and Billy Nichols for refusing to give him female hormones because Lynch has no prior histoyy of gender identity disorder treamentt and has never been prescribed hormones.[3][4] His lawsuits were all denied by the court.[5] He also filed a motion called “Motion for Feminine Form of Address and Use of Female Pronouns”.[6] Lynch looks 100% like a man now.[7] Look at his Georgia Department of Corrections inmate page.

Pasha Nicole also has a conviction for armed robbery out of DeKalb County, Georgia.[8]

Pasha Nicole was born to unmarried African Americans and was raised by his single mother until being put in psychiatric facilities, residential treatment centers and foster care. He dropped out of Owings Mills High School in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Pasha Nicole claimed to be the C.E.O of Enticements 4 You, a Dominatrix service for the BDSM community in the Atlanta GA area. Pasha is also the Co Founder of Pasha Nicole Promotions, a Twitter networking and promotions company located in Douglasville, GA.


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